Lower Class

1987 BMW 325/1990 Mazda Miata
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JZA60 wins the game.

^ that’s wrong. I know it’s wrong. There was a time when i started posting when i didn’t know the correct chassis codes for everything, i admit it. Such shame. I read “jza60” in an article forever ago that was referring to a 2j swapped ma61, i didnt know that at the time, and it just stuck with me for awhile. But I’m not about to go change all the tags i’ve put on mk2 supras and celica xx’s because frankly, i’ve posted a lot of them and im not that worried about it. So to the few people that seem to be really upset that i tagged some of them wrong, sorry, but deal with it. Correct the tag yourself and move on if you’re gonna bother to reblog the picture, rather than bitching about how stupid i am on my post

i share this feel from when i first started posting